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The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) is Canada’s national industry-led funding agency for beef, cattle and forage research. The BCRC is funded through a portion of a producer-paid national levy as well as government and industry funding, and is directed by a committee of beef producers from across the country.

The BCRC’s mandate is to determine research and development priorities for the Canadian beef cattle industry and to administer Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off funds allocated to research.

As the national beef cattle industry research agency, the BCRC plays an important role in identifying the industry’s research and development priorities and subsequently influencing public sector investment in beef, cattle and forage research.

With industry funding (collected through the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off), the BCRC leverages funding from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) through the Sustainable Beef and Forage Science Cluster.

As a leader in the development of the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy, the BCRC facilitates and encourages collaboration and coordination among researchers and extension specialists, other funding agencies and industry in order to maximize the benefits obtained from all investments in beef research.

The BCRC operates as a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) and was established by the CCA in 2001.

Overarching Goals

  1. Improved communication, collaboration and understanding between researchers and industry 
  2. Continued industry mentorship of new scientists 
  3. Cost-benefit analysis completed to support recommendations and technology transfer 
  4. Encouragement of interdisciplinary teams integrating the entire value chain where appropriate 
  5. Ensured maintenance, transition and mentorship of key research and extension capacity


  • Continue to enhance the safety and quality of Canadian beef
  • Ensure the integrity and high standards of animal health in the Canadian herd
  • Improve and ensure the dissemination of knowledge throughout the industry
  • Ensure that sound scientific principals and risk assessment are utilized in developing good production practices, industry and government policy and standards
  • Support innovative projects designed to improve industry competitiveness
  • Enhance international acceptance of Canadian beef quality and safety standards

Industry-defined Research Priorities

The BCRC is committed to funding leading-edge research to position the Canadian beef cattle industry as a global leader in the areas of

  • Beef Quality 
  • Food Safety 
  • Animal Health and Welfare 
  • Antimicrobial Use, Resistance and Alternatives 
  • Feed Grains and Feed Efficiency 
  • Forage and Grassland Productivity 
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Technology Transfer

Genomics are important tools used within all of the research areas. Other areas of research include specified risk material (SRM) disposal, economics and artificial insemination.

Verified Beef Production PlusTM

In addition to sponsoring research and technology development in support of the Canadian beef industry, the BCRC supports the  Verified Beef Production PlusTM (VBP+). The VBP+ program further supports the industry’s vision and falls under the auspices of the BCRC. The program is designed to add value to the industry and all producers are encouraged to participate.

Visit the VBP website for more information on this leading-edge industry initiative.


BeefResearch.ca was developed as part of a broader extension initiative.

The BCRC has committed to furthering its extension efforts. As part of AAFC’s Beef Cattle Industry Science Cluster, a long-term strategy was developed by the BCRC in 2011 to improve technology transfer and knowledge dissemination within the Canadian beef cattle industry.

The mandate of the strategy is to enable industry uptake of research-supported innovations by supporting and delivering a range of best practice technology transfer mechanisms. This includes developing an exemplary technology transfer practice through changes to funding, communications, collaboration and measurement, and leading the industry to a ‘global best’ approach to technology transfer model through a needs-driven, communications-intensive, research-transfer approach.

A key tool in the extension initiative is an up-to-date, comprehensive and dynamic website.

The intent of BeefResearch.ca is to inform producers and other industry stakeholders on the latest in Canadian beef cattle research, and help them to make informed decisions about their production practices.

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